Your specialist in liquid protection, packaging and tightness of all types of surfaces

Our product range



This range of resin ensures a perfect protection of all types of supports (floors, carpentry...) for a work in all serenity.

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Pack your industrial parts with peace of mind against weathering and impact. Kokun resins are developed to guarantee the best protection in all circumstances.

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Insulate your construction sites temporarily or permanently against liquid and/or gaseous leaks. Kokun resins are developed to guarantee you the best seal easily.

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économie énergie

Energy saving

Our 100% air and watertight resin technology certifies a total protection of your projects in outdoor and indoor conditions to optimize your energy.

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Our values

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In a process of permanent improvement, bringing you the best of the market is our priority. Our experts work every day to improve the technology and performance of our formulas.


Kokun resins are solvent-free and packaged in recycled containers. Our raw materials are primarily from a circular economy. By using our products you reduce the cost of non-quality of your sites and your environmental impact.


For many years, we have been specialists in the research and development of temporary or permanent protection and packaging using peelable resins. Our personalized diagnoses allow us to develop customized formulas that correspond to all your projects.

Customer satisfaction

We provide a complete service and control every single detail. We ensure the quality tracking, supplying and potentially, the training of the applicators for a complete serenity. To approach your sites with serenity from the beginning to the end, you can choose our turnkey formula Kokun application. A network of certified Kokun applicators will take care of the expertise, the application and the cleaning at the end of the project.

Who are we ?

Kokun develops, manufactures and sells protection, packaging, waterproofing and energy-saving solutions using liquid and peel-off resins.

Our expertise in construction, industry and shipping, allows us to develop custom products that correspond to the needs of our clients. We assure the quality supervision, the sourcing and the training of the applicators for a total serenity.